Artisan Cheesecakes

Each cheesecake is handmade by the company.

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Apple Spice Cheesecake

Personal Mini Cheesecake

Mini Cheesecakes

Looking for a small bite or personal size of cheesecake goodness? We got you covered! Our mini cheesecakes come packed with robust flavor and taste. Available in some of the most unique varieties, they are perfect as a snack or as a  dessert item at a family or Special occasion.


Catering Cheesecakes

Cheesecake Delivery

As a full service establishment, Crumble & Whisk is ready to deliver cheesecakes for your event. Be it a party, banquet, wedding or corporate event, our cheesecakes with their delectable taste are sure to enamor your guests.

Full Size Cheesecakes

Full-Size Cheesecakes

Grand and scrumptious, our full sized cheesecakes come professionally decorated and are the go–to dessert for any event, big or small. We ensure that you and your guests are treated to a delicious experience that they are not likely to forget!



Make your event planning easy for any occasion, be it a party, banquet, wedding or corporate event, our cheesecakes with their delectable taste are sure to enamor your guests!

Welcome to Crumble & Whisk

Founded in 2013  by Charles Farrier, Crumble & Whisk has quickly become one of the most highly rated cheesecake bakeries in the Bay Area. Charles possesses a lifelong passion for baking. Growing up, he drew  inspiration from his father, and  began cooking at an early age, often experimenting with different recipes, and surprising his family with his creations.

After graduating from Culinary School, Charles began working at a local company as an office assistant.  When  he baked a cheesecake for a company party, it was  an instant hit with his colleagues. “Man, you should do this professionally!” many of them exclaimed during the event. Their accolades coupled with his own desire to pursue his passion finally motivated him to found Crumble & Whisk.

Charles has perfected his method and created many artistic cheesecakes. His cheesecakes are  well known for their shortbread crust, buttery smooth texture, and unique flavors. Today,  Crumble & Whisk delivers cheesecakes all over  San Francisco & the Bay Area for all kinds of events. What makes Crumble & Whisk’ s cheesecakes special is hard to convey in words. No amount of hearsay and imagination can substitute taste, which after all, can only be experienced first hand.

What Our Customers are saying

Charles Farriér’s cheesecakes are definitely special.  My favorite is his “Beet & Berry,” but the Lemon has such flavor it is tough to choose.  I’ve tried the strawberry, the Vanilla bourbon and others.  Each of them is delicious, and they all are a cut above any other cheesecake I’ve had.  Guests and family love them.

Margot Thomasian-Walter

I have bought numerous cheese cakes from Crumble & Whisk for various family events. They have all been huge hits with everyone. In fact, the one time I didn’t bring a cheese cake, I left several family members disappointed. My personal favorite is the “Key West”. The one thing that is consistently great about all his cakes is the crust. When eating other cakes, I often feel the crust is too dry or too hard and really not that appealing. With Charles’s cakes, I would eat the crust on it’s own like a cookie. So good. Now that Charles is making personal sized cheese cakes, I no longer need to wait for a special event to place an order. His 3 inch cakes are the perfect size for a single person dessert. I find myself order 2 or 3 per week. Charles is very professional and the quality of his products are top notch. I highly recommend his cheese cakes to anyone who cares more about quality over saving a few bucks for that over processed junk they have at stores and at certain restaurant chains.

Nicholas Gonzales

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