? 4 Reasons Why Couples That Cook Together Stay Together

Now there are a lot of opinions on cooking, ranging from “mad about it!” to “meh, I’d rather order takeout.” But it goes without saying that knowing how to turn a bunch of ingredients into a tasty treat is a sexy quality in any partner! And even if you are not well versed with the kitchen, just trying to make something for your significant other can leave a lasting impression.

But cooking can also be an adventure. And adventures are always more fun when you share them with someone special. There are many a reason why cooking with your significant other is a great idea, but here are my top 4 picks…

You get to know your partner better

A person’s food preferences can teach you a lot about them. Do they eat slowly? That usually means that your partner likes to relish his/her food. People who like spicy food are often risk-takers and like sensations. Those of us with a sweet tooth are softhearted, friendly and compassionate. And finally those with a preference for bitter tasting food items may have a disposition for anti-social behavior. While this is speaking broadly, you can learn a lot over cooking something with your partner. Their preferences may even surprise you!

It builds communication

The fact that constant communication is indispensable for a couple is already the stuff of clichés. And nothing get’s people to communicate better than when they are trying to cook something together! You and your partner will be talking a lot trying to figure out a recipe, and watching the other go about doing their part is both funny and exciting!

Gives you a chance to work together

Often couples will divide their household chores, which is no doubt a great idea. However, working on an activity together will give you a sense of sharing. Again, when you are cooking as a team, you get to work with your significant other on a very important aspect of your life and if that doesn’t build trust, probably nothing will!

It’s fun!

Sure it seems like a chore at the get go, but few things are as enjoyable as cooking can be! Messing around with all that you have in front of you to come up with something eatable can be quite an adventure. Cooking especially when you are getting started is bound to be riddled with mistakes and mishaps, your partner might send an egg’s shell into the bowl, or you might end up in a dough fight!

Every chef and cook out there will know the feeling when they are working on one of their specialty. Suddenly, you are not just cutting, mixing, frying or roasting, but trying to figure out how to paint a picture on a canvas of taste-buds.

The sheer culinary variety we have is testament to the fact that cooking is in fact an art form. It is quite literally creation…which is why it is the perfect way for couples to come closer together too!

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