Celebrating Black History Month

The Crumble & Whisk Team is eager to celebrate Black History month with hint Valentine’s Day to our products. Crumble & Whisk was born during this special month. It represents plentiful contributions African Americans have made to society and Crumble & Whisk is overwhelmed with joy to be a black owned business opened in the month of February. Our company wants to show support to this celebrated month with new products revolving around Black History month and Valentine’s Day to enhance company values and commitment to customers and the community.

Crumble & Whisk is a bakeshop filled with diversity, synergy, and empowering work ethics. Under the leadership of Charles Farrier, Crumble & Whisk aim is to grow as a business with servant style leadership. We cater to the wants and needs of the customers and we build our brand around our customers too. Therefore, our products are created with passion, love and healthy products which is how African Americans have prepared food for generations. So, sweet lovers are encouraged to take a bite of the Crumble & Whisk experience whether it be our Valentine’s Day products, brownies, or other menu items the way our families have handed down for generations.

If you want to experience passion and love for creativity and delicious treats, taste the Crumble & Whisk experience that has been handed down to the chef/proprietor for generations of family bakers. Our products are available at farmer’s markets in the east bay and San Francisco. With the genius of Charles Farrier, we have launched our breakfast catering for corporate dining and other events. Crumble & Whisk is a company striving to work with the community and continuously grow with our creativity, customer service, and empowering work ethics.