About Crumble & Whisk

San Francisco Cheesecake Bakery

Crumble & Whisk is the climax of a lifelong passion for cheesecakes. Having been a student of culinary arts since childhood, our founder Charles Farrier has had the distinct privilege of being handed down baking techniques and experience from his family. He would later join culinary school in 2002 which is where he became interested in baking. Over the course of many years, Charles perfected some of his own baking techniques which stems from classic French baking.

A perfectionist at heart, Charles has built a reputation on providing creatively executed cheesecakes of the highest quality consistently. Charles’s story has been featured in 7X7 and Where magazines and his cheesecakes have become something of a regional specialty in San Francisco. Some of his most famous creations are the Dirty South, Harvest Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake, Roasted Pineapple and Sage Cheesecake, and Puckered Up! Lemon Cheesecake. Check out our cheesecake store for a complete list of our offerings. We also offer cheesecake delivery to residents throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

As a gourmet cheesecake company Crumble and Whisk aims to provide you with the best cheesecakes in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and bring even more exciting and tasty cheesecakes to the public. Made with only the finest ingredients we can get, our cheesecakes really do just crumble & whisk in your mouth as you eat them!