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Is Eating Desserts Really That Bad an Idea?

Image credit: At this stage, the cat’s pretty much out of the proverbial bag – eating desserts or anything that’s high in sugar and fats is as good as a death sentence. But, just how much truth is there to such statements? After all, things that sound too bad to be true (probably) always are, right? Well, we are here to set the record straight once and for all. Having been in the confectionery trade for a while, we know a little something about how sugary foods work. The short version of our answer is – no, desserts are not bad for you. Here’s the longer version… The origins of the myth Image credit: Flickr For the most part, people broadly class foods into good and bad boxes. Good food (green veggies, white meats, fruits) can be safely consumed in any quantity while even a single service of the bad foods (burgers, cakes, pizzas etc) can set you all the way back to the start. This just isn’t true. While some foods have more calories than others, how you consume them is what ultimately dictates results. Sugar is the biggest worry as far as desserts go. For men, the recommended total sugar intake per day is 9 teaspoons, or 150 calories, while for women the number is 6 teaspoons or 100 calories. Provided what you are eating is within this threshold, you should be fine. However, as this number is the total sugar you can consume in a day, it should include what all the foods you consume, not just those high in sugar. No, desserts aren’t inherently... read more

6 Low Calorie Desserts to Help Your Fitness Goals

I get it. It’s hard to say no to distractions. But hey, the occasional distraction is important! Because all fun and no play can leave you questioning your very existence. But distractions are usually on the higher side of the fabled calorie count which can derail weeks of efforts.  Or can it? In our previous article, we covered how you could get fit for the summer fast (do check it out). We thought of putting together a list of easy-on-the-gut, low calorie desserts that give you the satiety you want without weighing you down, emotionally or otherwise. Let’s start… Low Calorie Coconut Macaroons The classic melt-in-your-mouth French desserts are a tempting treat, but can be rather calorific. Nothing a little ingenuity can’t beat. Drier than the usual version, these macaroons are packed with half the calories of the same and are extremely easy to whip up, too! Get the recipe here. 37 Calorie Brownies Apparently this is possible. And they taste awesome,too! The low calorie count leaves you with plenty of options to try. Not to mention, you can (probably) get away with eating more than you usually would. Get the recipe here. Paleo Strawberry Crumble If only early humans had heard of this! For those in our audience who like to keep it old school, we have an easy to make, crunchy low calorie dessert that is as satisfying as it is healthy. Some of the ingredients required to make this snack may seem strange, but they aren’t that hard to find either. Get the recipe here. No Bake Energy Bites Hands-down the easiest recipe to make in... read more

5 Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight Fast for the Summer

Well, beach season’s here. So you must have started worrying about how you look by now and are wondering how to lose weight fast. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. The good news is that you still have some time. The bad news is it’s not much. Keeping in shape is hard and getting back into it is harder still. So, if you’ve been asking your mirror all sorts of flattering questions, then we might have some answers for you. We put some of our internet ninjitsu to good use and dig up some science backed ways for you to find your way back to a fast ways to get in shape. Drink more water No, really, this works! For the most part, losing weight boils down to having a better control over your diet. In other words, the real enemy is hunger. A study on pre-meal water ingestion showed that people who drank two glasses of water just before a meal consumed 22% less than what they would have otherwise. Besides, you will need to drink as much during the hotter summer months in order to make up for water lost thru perspiration. A neat little trick you can try is to drink cold water whenever possible. Doing so will result in a temporary spike in your metabolism as the body burns calories to bring its temperature up. Amp up on coffee Can’t step out of the home without your daily cuppa? Well, now you have an even better excuse! The caffeine in coffee is known to increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) by as much as 3-11%,... read more

6 Strange Food Customs From Around The World

Let’s say you are preparing for a trip to another country. You educate yourself on all the aspects of the local culture and feel confident that you know everything you need to in order to have a great time there. But no sooner are you there, you realize that no amount of reading could have possibly prepared you for what was to come. The most puzzling (and interesting) part of any foreign trip is always getting round to the different kinds of foods that are eaten, but more importantly how they are consumed. Food customs are a great tool for social bonding and the act of eating together (regardless of how they differ from place to place) is often seen as an expression of camaraderie, friendship and social status. So, without further ado, here are 6 food customs from around the world that illustrate perfectly just what a diverse world we live in… Fork Off! While the venerable forks are a staple part of western eating traditions, did you know that many eastern cultures prefer to stay away from them? In Thailand for instance, you might draw puzzled or even non-approving glances if you used a fork to put food in to your mouth. The practice is considered crude or low-so in the country. Sticking to the age old practice of using a fork to push food to your spoon is a safer bet. Slurp All You Want As youngsters, we were often reminded of how rude and unbecoming slurping while eating was. Not so in Japan. Slurping is indeed a welcome table manner there as it is considered... read more

Ever Tried These Sweet and Sour Desserts?

Are you tired of sweet desserts yet? It wouldn’t be unimaginable. After all, we humans have a way of becoming apathetic to things that we try the most. While you can easily find a LOT of recipes for sweet desserts and quite a few options for sour ones, finding those that are both sweet and sour can be a little hard. Do we have your attention yet? Great! Here are some awesome sweet and sour recipes from around the net that are easy to whip and a treat to eat! Brown Butter-Sour Cream Crumb Cake What’s not to like about a spongy cake with a flaky, crumbly top? Rich in flavor with a zing to boot, this cake is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee breaks or for binging, too. Cooking time is in the neighborhood of one and a half hours and the cake can easily be made with what you can find in your kitchen. Find the recipe here. Blueberry Mousse If there’s one French dessert that has captured the fancy of chefs and connoisseurs world wide, it is the Mousse. While you are probably all too familiar with chocolate mousse we bring to you a zingier version that is sure to add some zest to your meals. Check out the recipe here. Sour Patch Grapes The easiest recipe on our list, you only need two two ingredients to fix this dessert up. Also known as glitter grapes, frosted grapes or candied grapes, the grapes are a definitely going to be a hit with the kids! Get the recipe here. Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Here’s a different... read more

5 Things You Can Do with an Avocado

Widely considered one of the most healthy fruits out there, avocado is packed full of mono-saturated fats (the good kind), plenty of protein and come with around 20 different vitamins. To top it off, its rich, creamy texture offers many ways in which it can be prepared and consumed! There are indeed quite a lot of uses that the humble avocado offers that you can look into. Here are 5 avocado recipes that you can try at home… Dairy Free Avocado Dressing Are you looking for a great way to dress up your salads but are tired of the same old recipes that abound the internet? Avocados, thanks to their buttery texture and awesome natural taste actually make for a great way to dress up your salads or even use as sauce. Low on cholesterol and high on antioxidants as well as minerals, this dressing is a far healthier alternative to most other salad dressings out there. Check out the recipe here. Avocado Smoothie Whether you’re travelling or just chilling at home, there’s nothing more refreshing and healthy than a smoothie on a hot afternoon! While there are quite a number of avocado recipes floating out there, we decided to pick this one for its great taste, high nutritional value and quick prep-time. As the article says – all you need are 5 ingredients, a blender and 5 minutes of your time! The full recipe can be found here. Avocado Ice Cream When we are discussing an item that is a good substitute for milk, how can we forget making ice cream out of it? Avocado ice cream will... read more

Eggless Baked Desserts for the Moms to be

Avocado with chili and ice cubes, sardines on Ritz crackers, pork in Vanilla ice-cream and onions on everything. Pregnancy cravings, much like man-flu gives the opposite gender plenty to be astounded at, and maybe even draw a giggle on. But, whatever the reasons maybe behind them, these sudden and voracious appetites are a real thing and are best not underestimated. Pregnancy is a trying time for mothers-to-be and their family and many a precaution needs to be taken – food being the primary one. There are many food-items that can harm gestating women and their fetus, after all. For a complete list of foods prohibited in pregnancy, visit One of the items in the list of prohibited foods during pregnancy is raw egg & foods containing raw or uncooked eggs. Eggs in their natural state often have a harmful bacteria called salmonella which infects intestines. Since raw eggs are used in everything from homemade ice-cream, to salads & custard, it is best to know what to avoid and what you can have. So, here’s a list of eggless foods that are a perfect fit for pregnant ladies, without putting them in harm’s way… Nan Khatai First on our list is the popular vegan Indian shortbread cookies – Nan Khatai. These melt in your mouth cookies are a perfect snack for pregnant women (or anyone else) and can be whipped up in no time. Traditionally these are using all-purpose flour but we have chosen the whole wheat ones which are a healthier version. Check out the full recipe here. Now chocolates are not on the don’t eat during pregnancy... read more

Vegan Friendly Recipes that are Delicious as they are Healthy

Tell someone you’re vegan and the first thing they ask is just how hard it must be. They’re not wrong, it can be really difficult with all the choices that one needs to stick with. Veganism is often associated as an almost celibate lifestyle that’s bordering on absurd. Nothing can be further from the truth. In point of fact, veganism offers many health benefits as reduced risk of heart diseases, lower cholesterol levels, improved immune systems and better mood. But, who said being vegan can’t be fun, too? Here are some vegan friendly recipes that are as satisfying to the soul as they are to your taste buds! Let’s start… Wholesome Banana Blueberry Coconut Smoothie A refreshing concoction made with banana, blueberries and coconut, this smoothie offers plenty to the vegan palate for the winter months. Besides being just awesome tasting, it will keep you energized, maintain healthy blood pressure, aid digestion, and even improve the way you look and feel during the cold wintery months. Quickly blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth, and enjoy with garnished chopped almonds, bananas, coconut skins and fresh frozen blueberries. Try it out and thank us later. See full recipe here Caramelized steam fried green beans and mushrooms A simple recipe that is savory as it is nutritional. The dish can be made ahead and refrigerated until it’s ready to serve. See full recipe here Radiant Tower with Tofu and Vegetables A veggie-packed dish that will add color to your celebrations. Featuring zucchini, tomatoes, tofu, carrot, eggplant, tofu and vegetable stock, the Radiant Tower packs a good dose of nutritional goodness... read more

6 Easy Valentine’s Day Desserts That Can Be Whipped up in No Time Flat!

Now getting gifts for Valentine’s Day is all very nice, but nothing quite tells how much your significant other means to you than making something yourself. So, we thought of putting together some easy Valentine’s Day desserts that you can surprise your loved one with. You do not have  to know how to cook to make any of these so, go ahead and try them out. Let’s get started… Red Velvet Truffles Image credit: Truffles are a regular go-to dessert for most people. And if you’re thinking how something so common can make a surprising Valentine’s day dessert, then check out the recipe, this one just might! Easy to make and fun to bake, these truffles are the perfect go-to recipe if you are in a time crunch. Check out the recipe here. Strawberry Jelly with Strawberries and Whipped Cream Image credit: Hands down the easiest, yet coolest (and delicious) recipe that you can whip up in no time at all. All you need is some jelly, strawberries and whipped cream. The instructions are in Dutch, but the pictures are really all that you need. In any case, here’s the translation… “Place the jelly (or something else, such as curd cheese) in a bowl and let it stiffen up a bit in the fridge. Then add some whipped cream and top it up with a strawberry.” Click here to check out the pictures. Chocolate Panini Image credit: While these are usually reserved as a quick lunch item, there really is a lot more that you can do with them (really, just search for creative panini recipes online). Given... read more

Prepare for the Fall Season With These 5 Flavors

What is it about fall that’s so appealing? Could it be that much like spring, the weather’s just right? Or, is it because the harvest season allows us to finally indulge in some much needed guilty pleasure after an excruciating summer? Turns out, there really is a scientifically valid reason as to why we look forward to fall. Kathryn Lively, professor of sociology at Dartmouth College told the Huffington Post that our obsession with seasons is a social construct that starts when we were kids. Say’s Lively…“We’re conditioned from a very early age that the autumn comes with all these exciting things. As children, we come to associate fall with going back to school, new school supplies, seeing friends. It’s exciting, for most. We still respond to this pattern that we experienced for eighteen years.” So that solves the mystery of why we are so fond of fall. But to make the coming season even more special, here are 5 flavors that can add some zest to your festive spirit! Cinnamon Apple Image credit: Pumpkins aren’t the only thing that can make the autumn season better. You can also find some of the crispest and most delicious apples coming to your local grocery, so give them a swing! Easy to cook, this apple cinnamon recipe are perfect as a stand-alone dessert, or can be used with pies, pancakes etc, too. Check out this cinnamon apple recipe. Cranberry Image credit: The humble bounce berries already have a reputation for being choke full of nutrients and can be found abundantly during autumn. Cranberries can be added raw or cooked to be... read more

4 Ways to Make this Mother’s Day the Best One Yet!

Our mothers are no doubt the greatest behind the scenes architects of our lives. Their effort and love knows no bounds when it comes to our needs and they are always ready to sacrifice their comfort to make our lives better. But alas, while making our way thru day to day lives, it’s so easy to lose track of just how important they really are. So, why not show your mother how much you really care about your mother? Here are 4 ways we think you can make this mother’s day all the more memorable… Do her part of the chores as well               While occasionally helping her out with her chores is always good, taking the workload completely off of her is better! Ideally you will want to make this a surprise. You should already know what all she does around the house. Get your sibling(s) and father to organize a day off for your mom and delegate tasks to each. Of course, this does not mean that you should do things you are ill-equipped for, if you cannot make an awesome lunch like your mother, maybe you can help her in the kitchen/take her out/order food. Book an all day spa Oftentimes, we just don’t want to head out to paint the town red, and after a tiring week your mother just might want to spend the weekend indoors, relaxing. But if relaxation is the objective, then doesn’t a day spa sound like a good idea? Call your nearest spa (or one that’s available), and book a slot for your mother!... read more

5 Creative Easter Recipes to Make Your Celebration Even Better!

As the fasting and penance of Lent wears off, it’s time to prepare for the grand feast of Easter! Now we all know the drill — butter lamb, Easter Ham, boiled eggs and hot cross buns are probably high on your list of to make. But if you have been trying this for a while now then how about trying something different this time? After all, variety is the spice of life! We scoured the net for some creative Easter recipes that you can try out. This is especially a good idea if you are planning to have some people over. So without further ado, here are some ideas to try out this Easter… Chocolate French Toast with Vitality Sauce Image credit: Giving you a vital shot of vitamins and minerals, this tasty French toast is a great side dish for your Easter party. The dish takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and its preparation is quite similar to a regular French Toast, only you need to add cocoa, cinnamon and milk to the eggs before dipping the toasts in it. The sauce itself is very easy to prepare too. Find the full recipe (and more) here. Balsamic Glazed Carrots Image credit: While we are recommending these carrots as a side accompaniment to your Easter delicacies, once prepared you will probably want to try them out more often! Simple and easy to make, these carrots are both healthy and tasty to boot. Find the fully recipe here. Deviled Eggs Image credit: OK, so not one of our most creative suggestions, but can we even have Easter without... read more

Fruits to Add to Your Diet During Spring-Time

  Spring is the time when nature is in a state of transformation and renewal. It’s when the Earth wakes up from the slothful slumber of the cold winter months, and brings forth new life. No wonder spring signifies rebirth and rejuvenation in cultures throughout the world! It also presents us with the perfect opportunity to inject a much needed shot of nutritional goodness into our bodies after the carb-laden, guilt trip of the winter months because boy are foods grown in Spring rich in nutrients! While the advancements in agricultural has no doubt allowed us to eat whatever we want, whenever we want, let’s face it — nothing beats eating seasonal stuff. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in season are richer in nutrients and fresher. So here are some foods that you should consider eating up during spring… Beets While beets are most known for their sugar content, they offer a variety of health boosting nutrients too. Beets are rich in nitrates which are converted into nitric oxide in our bodies which dilates blood vessels and thereby brings down blood-pressure. Beets also have betaine, a compound that helps protect cells and fights inflammation. Finally, beet-root also has powerful phyto-nutrients that help ward of breast, pancreatic and prostate cancer.     Blueberries The king of antioxidant rich foods, blueberries are nutritionally dense and low in calories making them an excellent addition to your diet. Blueberries are particularly rich in a compound called anthocyanins are thought to be responsible for elevated antioxidant levels in our bodies which assists in repairing damaged DNA and can help ward of cancer. The... read more

The Most Unusual Cheesecakes That You Can Find

Now, any cheesecake can light up your day, be it a New York styled or ye old cookie and cream. But in a world where nothing is ever enough, we have cheesecakes that can blow you away with their sheer weirdness. Yes! Even cheesecakes have creative versions that are just not what you can order any day of the week. We at Crumble and Whisk being the cheesecake lovers that we are always love a new recipe. So without further ado, here are some of the craziest cheesecakes that we have come across… Rainbow Cheesecake Bound to be something your kids will enjoy (adults too no doubt). This cheesecake while being light and delicious is a colorful delight enough to be a conversation piece! The cheesecake has a graham cracker crust with a cream cheese filling mixed with vanilla, sour and heavy cream and eggs. Liquid food colors are used to make it colorful. Try out the recipe here. Green tea Cheesecake Now, cheesecakes are probably one of the healthiest desserts there are, but this green tea cheesecake really takes the prize home! The recipe recommends matcha powder to get that green tea flavor, but we believe any of your favorite brands will do the trick here. Unlike our last entry, this cheesecake has a chocolate wafer crust and does not use egg so needs no baking. Find the recipe here. Mini Turtle Cheesecake This one scores top marks for creativity — it tries to make like a turtle after all. The cheesecake comes with a crushed Oreo crust and cream cheese filling. It has a creatively decked topping... read more

Cheesecake FAQ: All Your Cheesecake Questions Answered

Running a pastry shop is always interesting, and we are constantly bombarded with questions about how we do what we do. So we thought of putting together a page with some of the more common inquiries that are received at Crumble and Whisk. Here they are… What makes your cheesecakes special/different? Our chief chef Charles Farrier makes each cheesecake bringing his years of experience and knowledge in the culinary arts. All ingredients we use are carefully selected for their flavor and quality. It is the variety of cheesecakes we have that makes us different. Furthermore, while most patisseries offer readymade cakes, our cheesecakes are made to order. Simply place an order with us, and pick up your specially made cheesecakes from our Kitchen in Berkley. Our Menu How do I preserve a cheesecake? While we always recommend you eat a cheesecake immediately, there may be instances where you need them later. In this case, simply refrigerate the cheesecake preferably within 2 hours of having received it. If you want to store it for a longer duration, then wrap them in tin foil and freeze it. How long can a cheesecake last? Depends entirely on how you preserve it. Typically, a freshly baked cheesecake can last up to 6 days in the fridge. However, a frozen cheesecake is good for 6-8 months if wrapped properly. What goes into making a cheesecake? Honestly, there is no one recipe for cheesecake, and different parts of the world have developed different methods for making them. That being said, most cheesecakes share a few aspects in common. All cheesecakes have a solid crust made... read more

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With These Hilarious Kitchen Pranks!

We love playing pranks on our special someone and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your mean streak have its way. AtCrumble & Whisk, we believe anything that gives you and your partner a reason to share a laugh (even at the other’s expense) can only strengthen your bond. While there are plenty of instructions for Valentine’s Day pranks out there, how about something to try at home in the kitchen this time? So without further ado, here a few kitchen pranks to try out today (or any other day for that matter)… Ol’ Switcharoo Let’s start with something simple, shall we? Switch the salt in the salt container with sugar. Now watch your partner sprinkle it onto their soup or French fries and wonder what went wrong! You might want to not giggle as it happens. Our suggestion – keep your camera handy to take a quick snap as your partner makes that disgusted face! This will make for one heck of a Facebook live post!Be careful, for this can work the other way round as well. The Flourbomb Warning – this will get messy if you do it right, so tread with caution. If you think your partner will get upset, you might want to skip this one. Start by cutting the tip of a breadstick and now hollow it out. Next, fill a balloon with flour, inflate it a little and pack it into the breadstick. Replace the tip and offer it to your partner for cutting. Now watch as the breadstick explodes! Again, try and get it all on video so that both... read more

? 4 Reasons Why Couples That Cook Together Stay Together

Now there are a lot of opinions on cooking, ranging from “mad about it!” to “meh, I’d rather order takeout.” But it goes without saying that knowing how to turn a bunch of ingredients into a tasty treat is a sexy quality in any partner! And even if you are not well versed with the kitchen, just trying to make something for your significant other can leave a lasting impression. But cooking can also be an adventure. And adventures are always more fun when you share them with someone special. There are many a reason why cooking with your significant other is a great idea, but here are my top 4 picks… You get to know your partner better A person’s food preferences can teach you a lot about them. Do they eat slowly? That usually means that your partner likes to relish his/her food. People who like spicy food are often risk-takers and like sensations. Those of us with a sweet tooth are softhearted, friendly and compassionate. And finally those with a preference for bitter tasting food items may have a disposition for anti-social behavior. While this is speaking broadly, you can learn a lot over cooking something with your partner. Their preferences may even surprise you! It builds communication The fact that constant communication is indispensable for a couple is already the stuff of clichés. And nothing get’s people to communicate better than when they are trying to cook something together! You and your partner will be talking a lot trying to figure out a recipe, and watching the other go about doing their part is both... read more