Cheesecake FAQ: All Your Cheesecake Questions Answered

Running a pastry shop is always interesting, and we are constantly bombarded with questions about how we do what we do. So we thought of putting together a page with some of the more common inquiries that are received at Crumble and Whisk. Here they are…

What makes yourThe History Of Cheesecake, from start to crumble and whisk cheesecakes special/different?

Our chief chef Charles Farrier makes each cheesecake bringing his years of experience and knowledge in the culinary arts. All ingredients we use are carefully selected for their flavor and quality. It is the variety of cheesecakes we have that makes us different. Furthermore, while most patisseries offer readymade cakes, our cheesecakes are made to order. Simply place an order with us, and pick up your specially made cheesecakes from our Kitchen in Berkley. Our Menu

How do I preserve a cheesecake?

While we always recommend you eat a cheesecake immediately, there may be instances where you need them later. In this case, simply refrigerate the cheesecake preferably within 2 hours of having received it. If you want to store it for a longer duration, then wrap them in tin foil and freeze it.

How long can a cheesecake last?

Depends entirely on how you preserve it. Typically, a freshly baked cheesecake can last up to 6 days in the fridge. However, a frozen cheesecake is good for 6-8 months if wrapped properly.

What goes into making a cheesecake?

Honestly, there is no one recipe for cheesecake, and different parts of the world have developed different methods for making them. That being said, most cheesecakes share a few aspects in common. All cheesecakes have a solid crust made from crushed graham crackers, cookies or biscuits with a filling made from fresh cream cheese. Everything else differs from one chef to the next.

What differentiates one cheesecake from another is what is added to the cream cheese to enhance flavor and toppings. For instance, Crumble and Whisk cheesecakes are known for their crunchy, crumbly shortbread crusts and creative toppings.

Are your cheesecakes vegan and/or gluten free?

While not all our cheesecakes are vegan, we have a special vegan cheesecake too! The cake uses vegan cream cheese and sugar along with firm tofu as a filling. The crust is as well gluten free.

Do you deliver?  

Yes! If you cannot pick up your order from one of our outlets, then we can deliver it to your address for an additional fee. If your order is placed after 6 PM, then it will be processed within the next 48 hours.

I have a rush order, can you do them?

We understand that you might have last minute requirements. While we try our best to deliver, please contact us by phone or email before placing your order.

Have any other questions? Feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.