5 Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight Fast for the Summer

science backed weight loss

Well, beach season’s here. So you must have started worrying about how you look by now and are wondering how to lose weight fast. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

The good news is that you still have some time.

The bad news is it’s not much.

Keeping in shape is hard and getting back into it is harder still. So, if you’ve been asking your mirror all sorts of flattering questions, then we might have some answers for you.

We put some of our internet ninjitsu to good use and dig up some science backed ways for you to find your way back to a fast ways to get in shape.

Drink more water

drink water lose weight

No, really, this works! For the most part, losing weight boils down to having a better control over your diet. In other words, the real enemy is hunger.

A study on pre-meal water ingestion showed that people who drank two glasses of water just before a meal consumed 22% less than what they would have otherwise.

Besides, you will need to drink as much during the hotter summer months in order to make up for water lost thru perspiration.

A neat little trick you can try is to drink cold water whenever possible. Doing so will result in a temporary spike in your metabolism as the body burns calories to bring its temperature up.

Amp up on coffee

coffee for weight loss

Can’t step out of the home without your daily cuppa? Well, now you have an even better excuse!

The caffeine in coffee is known to increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) by as much as 3-11%, mostly by breaking down fat.

It does so by increasing the production of the hormone epinephrine, which travels thru your blood to your fat cells and instructs them to release the stored fat into your blood.

No wonder caffeine is used in so many fat burning supplements!

Eat fibrous stuff

fibrous vegetables for weight loss

Fiber is essentially carbohydrates that the human body cannot digest. For those looking for a way to lose weight fast, viscous fiber is prescribed.

Viscous fiber such as psyllium, pectins, β-glucans and glucomannan tend to thicken in water and then sit in the gut, making you feel fuller.

The fiber also slows down the emptying of the stomach and thereby gives it more time to absorb nutrients from the food.

There are plenty of fiber supplements available in the market that you can try out.

Eat on smaller plates

eat small portions for weight loss

This may seem like one of those Capt. Obvious things, but we now have confirmed proof that simply switching to smaller plates can help you eat less under specific conditions.

A new research that brought together the findings of several previous studies found that reducing the plate size by half decreased food consumption by 30%.

The research also found that eating off of smaller plates only lead to reduced food consumption if the diners were self-serving food.

Also, the effect was only observed if the diners were not being monitored. So, this technique will probably work best when you’re at home.

Throw in the occasional dessert

eat cheesecake

Little do people realize that cutting off sugary comfort foods immediately can have a powerful rebound effect where diners overcompensate sooner or later. Research by the University of Toronto found that restricting a food entirely can make it harder to stick to a food plan.

What you should keep in mind is eating too much of it. One neat way to make sure you can have your cake and lose weight fast at the same time is to use dessert as a reward for having stuck with a routine.

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