Pecan Crumble Cheesecake



Toasted buttery pecan with hint of maple and streusel topping



Whip up some magic at your next event with our Pecan Cheesecake. Our cheesecakes are always a hit at the parties and are as much a dessert as they are a conversation piece. Toasted, buttery pecan and maple syrup are the main ingredients that are expertly mixed with cream cheese, eggs, lemon juice and cold pressed vanilla extract to create a truly unique culinary experience!

Ingredient: Cream cheese, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Grade B Maple Syrup, Sour Cream,  Eggs, Lemon juice, Cold Pressed Vanilla Extract, & Salt

Crust: All Purpose Flour, Rice Flour, Toasted Pecan, Unsalted Butter, Salt

Topping: Flour, Pecan, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Cinnamon and Unsalted Butter.

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3", 7", 9"