Vegan Cheesecake


Vegan cream cheese with 100% vegan organic sugar rich in flavor with firm tofu and vanilla bean

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If we didn’t tell you this was a vegan dessert, you probably would have thought it was a regular cheesecake. Our vegan cheesecake is made using firm tofu, vegan cream cheese and vegan sugar to make sure your standards are met without compromising the quality and taste that you will expect from an artisan cheesecake. Go ahead and try it out, we guarantee you will be blown away!

Ingredient: Vegan Cream cheese, Firm Tofu, Vegan Sugar, Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Extract, Lemon Juice & Salt

Crust: Gluten-free Flour, Rice Flour, vegan butter and Salt (GF)

You can place your order online here to have them delivered to your address. Alternatively, you can also pick up your order from our commercial kitchen at Berkeley.

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