Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With These Hilarious Kitchen Pranks!

We love playing pranks on our special someone and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your mean streak have its way. AtCrumble & Whisk, we believe anything that gives you and your partner a reason to share a laugh (even at the other’s expense) can only strengthen your bond. While there are plenty of instructions for Valentine’s Day pranks out there, how about something to try at home in the kitchen this time?

So without further ado, here a few kitchen pranks to try out today (or any other day for that matter)…

Ol’ Switcharoo

Let’s start with something simple, shall we? Switch the salt in the salt container with sugar. Now watch your partner sprinkle it onto their soup or French fries and wonder what went wrong! You might want to not giggle as it happens. Our suggestion – keep your camera handy to take a quick snap as your partner makes that disgusted face! This will make for one heck of a Facebook live post!Be careful, for this can work the other way round as well.

The Flourbomb

Warning – this will get messy if you do it right, so tread with caution. If you think your partner will get upset, you might want to skip this one. Start by cutting the tip of a breadstick and now hollow it out. Next, fill a balloon with flour, inflate it a little and pack it into the breadstick. Replace the tip and offer it to your partner for cutting. Now watch as the breadstick explodes! Again, try and get it all on video so that both of you can have something to laugh at for years.

The Purgatory Flower Trail

You will want a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen for this to work. Wait till your significant other has gone out (you can send them out on a pretense as well). Now get some rose petals and leave a beautiful flower trail all the way from the door of your home to the sink. Dim the lights and have some romantic music playing as well to up the humor quotient!

Human Head in a Jar

Straight out of Sherlock, this prank is sure to give your significant other a significant fright! Take a photo of each side of your face and the front. Now turn it into a continuous graphic using Photoshop. Doesn’t take considerable skill, really all you need to do is merge the photos together. If you do not have Photoshop, then any online photo editing tool will do the job. Put your photo inside a jar and then place it in the fridge. Hide behind a door or curtain and wait till your dearly beloved opens the fridge!Full instructions here.

Again, we wrote this post assuming you know your partner will react with humor. So if you think it might not go down so well, don’t. That being said, you can always treat your partner to a cheesecake to cheer them up when the dust settles. Check out our store for an awesome selection of handmade Valentine Special Cheesecakes!